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Technical Management Consultancy Limited (TMC), was founded in February 1995 to provide interim management and consultancy at senior manager level in technically based projects and companies. In 2004 a Psychology Division was added to the company following collaborative work on psychological attitudes to business and project risk.

Company staff and associates have worked in a wide range of industry sectors including; defence, nuclear energy, construction, mining, oil and gas, rail, Occupational Health, HR, the National Health Service, Civil Service, Law Firms and Local and National Government.

The company focuses on applying systems engineering and psychological principles to projects and businesses through the disciplines of Programme Management, Risk Management, Change Management and Requirements Engineering.

The Psychology Division also undertakes neuropsychological Testing, Psychometric Testing, Job Retention, Vocational Guidance and Rehabilitation including Mental Health, Brain Injury, Specific Learning Difficulties, Legal work (earnings loss adjustment / industrial tribunals), work place and Further Education adjustments / support requirements. Team Building, Personality Profiling and Recruitment Assessment Centre work are offered.

Clients have included the UK Ministry of Defence, the UK National Audit Office, Kingsfield Consulting,Western European Union, European Commission, Systems Engineering & Assessment, Strachan & Henshaw, CAE Invertron, Saab Training Systems (Sweden), GEC Marconi, BAE Systems, the NHS, Infraco SSL, Metronet Rail, EADS, Astrium, Kumtor Operating Company, Angel Mining, Plymouth/Bristol/Bath/Dorchester/Bournemouth City Councils, Warwick Management Group, Atomic Weapons Establishment, Thistle Hotels, Rail Mail, Sainsbury Distribution, SO Crime Agency

TMC Company Organisation

The Board

The board of directors

Founding Director:

Andrew Moore, BSc (Eng) Hons (London), MSc (Systems Engineering), CEng, MIEE.
Requirements and Systems Engineering, Programme & Risk Management

Company Secretary and Consultant:

Denise Moore, BSc Hons (Psychology),
MSc (Psychology of Health & Mental Performance) (Bristol),
MSc Occupational Psychology (Birkbeck, University of London),
Full Practitioner Member of the Division of Occupational Psychology,
Member of the Division of Health Psychology
Chartered Occupational Psychologist. AFBPsS
Health Professional Council (HPC) Registered Psychologist
Occupational and Employment Specialist.

Further details of the TMC Board and other Consultants can be found here.

Recent Papers

Recent Papers




  • Psychogenic Amnesia - a suitable case for employment? Moore D (2007). Journal of Occupational Psychology, Employment and Disability Vol 9.1 pp.52-58. DWP.


  • Organisational Values in a large Public Sector Organisation Denise Moore Internal Public sector research paper





Consultant Login

Consultant Login




  • Role at EADS Astrium extended to cover both Project and Risk Management processes in support of the Telecom Services Programme Governance Director.


  • Continuing interim Enterprise Risk Manager Contract in the Telecoms Services Division of EADS Astrium.
  • Continuing support to a major Defence upgrade programme.
  • A third assignment to the major defence contractor, integrating the earlier issue, risk and opportunity work with the Management Decision Assumption Log and the proposed on-contract proposed continuous improvements, and to be actively involved in bid definition, costing and pricing.
  • Increased the involvement with Warwick Management Group, University of Warwick with commitments to MSc lecture provision on project management related courses.


  • Autumn Carried out an internal TMC research project to expand the TMC Risk Based Management model to incorporate Roadmapping, thereby further enhancing the model's overall applicability, and a stronger definition of the Roadmapping process.
  • July Awarded interim Enterprise Risk Manager Contract in the Telecoms Services Division of EADS Astrium, reporting to the Governance Director. Telecoms Services runs a number of multimillion £ secure satellite communications service delivery contracts for the UK and EU military and government agencies.
  • Until end June ongoing interim programme management contract with SkyNet 5 Military Communications satellite programme covering Risk Management (both bottom up and top down), Resource Planning & Estimating and Scheduling with 'what if' models. Reporting to the Engineering and Programme Directors. Three SkyNet 5 satellites were operational by June and the system was nearing Final Operational Service status.
  • Risk Management support to a major Defence upgrade programme involving pioneering the roll-out of tools Pertmaster and Active Risk Manager.
  • Enhanced and simplified the use of the integrated issue, risk and opportunity process and the understanding and risk management commitment of the client's team increased on a further assignment with the major defence contractor.
  • Increased the involvement with and the commitment to MSc project supervision and to commercial training with Warwick Management Group, University of Warwick.


  • All year ongoing interim programme management contract with EADS Astrium Terminals and Products Division covering Risk Management (both bottom up and top down), Resource Planning & Estimating and Scheduling with 'what if' models. Reporting to the Engineering Director on the SkyNet 5 Programme.
  • Transformed the Risk Management approach for a new programme for a major defence contractor moving towards a stronger commitment to support provision business. This developed an integrated approach to the management of issues, risks and opportunities, their costing and their on-contract funding. This was developed from the unique TMC 'Circle of Risk' approach.


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